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‘Pegasus tapping phones of Modi’s ministers’, claims Subramanian Swamy

New Delhi: BJP Rajya Sabha member of Parliament (MP) Subramanian Swamy, known for his strong opinions on controversial topics, tweeted today that Israeli-made spyware Pegasus is tapping phones of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet ministers, RSS leaders, Supreme Court judges, and journalists.

Swamy claimed there was a rumour that western media outlets would publish a report exposing this. Swamy tweeted, “Strong rumour that this evening IST, Washington Post & London Guardian are publishing a report exposing the hiring of an Israeli firm Pegasus, for tapping phones of Modi’s Cabinet Ministers, RSS leaders, SC judges, & journalists. If I get this confirmed I will publish the list.”

Congress Lok Sabha MP Karti Chidambaram also referred to Pegasus, but in a more cryptic manner than Swamy. Karti Chidamabaram tweeted, “A little birdie tells me that Pegasus is going to be explosive.”

Veteran journalist Sheela Bhatt tweeted on Saturday night that the report “is a really big story” and involved collaboration of media organisations, including from India. She claimed the report would be published at “11.59pm” on Sunday.

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