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TRS slams TPCC chief on Kokapet lands

Hyderabad, July 18 : TRS leader B Venkateshwarlu today criticized that TPCC President A Revanth Reddy is known for blackmailing politics. He told news persons that the congress leader is trying to blame the Government on Kokapet lands and online sales. The government used to sell the lands for development programs, he said. However the TPCC chief is resorting to blame the government for political gains, he charged. The congress leader should stop blackmailing and the government will not keep quiet, he warned.
Revanth Reddy also participated in the online tender process by putting Rs 100 cr he recalled. No one stopped Revanth from such tenders, he recalled.
The TRS general secretary also said that the YSR regime has sold the lands at low price at Rs 7 cr to Rs 14 cr while it was costing more. Revanth should stop from making cheap comments and charges on the TRS government, he said.
The state government followed all norms of giving statements and notifications for the sale of lands. There is no truth in Revanth charges on the land sale that get money for the government.

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