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Follow Gazette notification on water row: Centre to Telugu states

Hyderabad, July 16 : The Centre today stated that two Telugu States are to follow its Gazette notification and guidelines for use of water from rivers and construction works to avoid disputes. Both the states have been fighting for water, projects and power generation and seeking the courts intervention and the centre to address the issues.The Centre already issued it last night in Delhi after a long time discussion on the sensitive issue of water sharing. Talking to media persons Union Jal FShakhthi Officials Sanjay Avasthi and other officials informed that the two states can now get water as per AP Reorganization Act. The centre brought all the rivers and the projects under Krishna and Godavari Boards purview. Any water allocations, release would be made as per stipulated norms for the states following the Gazette notification and guidelines they clarified.Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have to pay Rs. 200 Cr each in about two months for maintenance of the boards, funds, and services. After careful deliberations and discussion with CWC, Apex council the centre took a decision to sort out the water problems they said.As per the AP Reorganization Act, allocations, needs and proposals the states can use water under the centre. The Apex council which was formed as per section 84, met in 2016, and 2020. The council will have Jal Shakthi Official and chief ministers of the two states as the members. Water release, construction of the projects will be allowed as per the boards decisions they stated. Related works should be stopped immediately when there is no permission for the projects in the two states. The gazette notified the boards bin the schedule one, its projects in schedule two and the states can use its powers as per schedule three. Every word and sentence were carefully used and written in the gazette notified as the case is very sensitive, they said.The centre issued the gazette notification to sort out the issue amicably as both the states are sparring.

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